Monday, February 25, 2008

V-Bux Guide to Credit

V-Bux Official Guide to Getting Credit:A must read for all freebie enthusiasts.

Since V-Bux opened its doors in January, V-Bux members have enjoyed a crediting rate of over 90% across the network. (Note: This ratio is determined by dividing the number of open missing crediting reports over the sum of the total number of offers that credited and the open missing credit reports. We then take this percent and subtract it from 100.)In the recent weeks, we have experienced an influx of missing credit reports and support tickets opened with regards to this matter. (Despite this, it our crediting rate remains strong: at 93% as of April 18, 2007)

The Ultimate Guide:

Theory: The offer crediting system on the any give freebie site works in the following way:

1. You click an offer, the freebie site sends you to the advertiser’s website

2. The advertiser places one or more "cookies" on your web browser's cache or cookie folder.

3. The advertiser then redirects you to the specific offer's website, where you complete the offer.

4. Upon completing the offer, you are brought to a "completion/confirmation page" on the offer’s website. On that web page, there is a tiny image installed that is used for tracking

5. The cookie(s) on your browser cache/folder that were placed by the advertiser then activates/"fires" that "image" file. When this happens, the advertiser is informed the lead has been generated. The advertiser then proceeds to place this information in a digit report (usually done in real-time). The freebie website then retrieves this report from the advertiser, and credits the respective user based on the tracking info.

Method: There are many contributors to “missing credits”. In the majority of circumstances, settings on the user’s computer regarding cache and cookies contributes to this.The following guide will help eliminate this problem of not receiving credit for an offer completion in relation to cookies/the tracking image:

Brief Guide:

1: Before logging into a site, ALWAYS clear your cookies. This is the MAIN problem regarding not getting credit. If you have not cleared your cookies and you have clicked the offer elsewhere you will get credit there instead of on the site you want it.

2: ALWAYS use Internet Explorer. If you cannot use Internet Explorer, use Mozilla Firefox. However, note that Internet Explorer users experience slightly better crediting rates. Other browsers have known issues with crediting.

3: ALWAYS make sure your cookies are on the lowest setting to accept them all.

4: DISABLE ANY antivirus, spyware, firewalls, or ad checking software. What a lot of people don't realize is any of these programs can either interfere with the cookies that make an offer track or they can block offer tracking in other ways.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1. Launch Microsoft's Internet Explorer, since IE is the most universal web browser today, you'll have fewer problems by using it for Freebie sites.

2. Once IE is open, click "Tools/Internet Options.../General," You will now be at the new tab/window titled "Internet Options," and the tab “General.” Click "Delete Cookies..." and then "OK." Now, Click "Delete Files...," check the "Delete All Offline Content" box, and then click "OK." Now, at the top of the window click the "Privacy" tab. Move the slide bar to "Accept All Cookies" and uncheck the "Block Pop ups" box, click "OK". You have now cleared your browser cache and cookies, enabled all cookies, and disabled your pop-up blocker! If you have any other pop-up blockers and cookies blockers, you need to also disable them!

3. Close all open Internet Explorer (IE) windows, and repeat step number two just to double-check everything has been correctly implemented!

4. Log into your account and go to the “Offers Page". On your computer’s Desktop, click "Start/My Computer” and select “C://Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Cookies" (Note: Your local drive might be different, though "C:" is the windows default. Also where USERNAME is, replace it with your Windows user account name.) The "cookies" folder should be completely empty besides from an "index.dat" file. If it is not, clear your cookies and cache again.

5. Now, click an offer, and wait for the offer website page to completely load (the flag at the top right should not be moving, and in the bottom left bar it should say "Done"). Then, check the "cookies" folder and there should be one or more cookies/text files there. (Most likely, one or more will have the offer's name/site in its title)***If there are no cookies in the folder, go back/close the offer window and start over from step number two.*** If there are cookies in the folder, you should get credit for completing the offer Continue to step 6!

6. Complete the offer. Be sure to allow enough time for each page to load completely! Sometimes the "image" can take a while to load since they are communicating with third parties (the advertiser, etc.). It is EXTREMELY important that you make sure the "completion/confirmation web page" loads fully, since it’s the one that contains the "image" file!

7. After completing an offer, make sure the clear your cookies and cache before doing another offer. This will fix any conflicting cookies.Important Info:And last but not least, if you do not get credit, you need to understand that it is NOT the fault of the site you did it on. This goes for anywhere you do an offer. When you do an offer, if you don't get credit, it is because something on your end did not go correctly. That is why it is VITAL to make sure the above things are done, otherwise you are seriously risking your chances of not getting credit. Hope this clears things up for some people who have been having problems!Lastly, crediting is the only aspect of a freebie site that all networks (with auto-crediting) have in common. We all pull our offers from the same source, and we all use the same php scripting for auto crediting. Crediting is an industry-wide effort.Note to users: Your understanding in this issue is appreciated. When you don't get credited, we don't get compensated. We feel the pain too!Note to fellow network owners: Feel free to cite this post. We are in the fight against faulty crediting together!

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